My name is Jennifer.   My name was pampered pets grooming but I have decided to change it to Jen's Pet Grooming. I have now moved to a small quaint shop in Port St Lucie.  Its time for a new way to groom your beloved pet.  I am one of the few private pet groomers who will let you stay and interact with your pet.  Sometimes it can be very tramatic for your pet to be around someone they dont know.  They are nervous and afraid so having you there for moral support really helps.  If you choose to come back later that is fine too.  I usually can get through a pet in an hour unlike large grooming facilities who keep your pet all day.  I see a need for my kind of grooming in this area. I am very knowledgable and honest. 

When I am pet sitting, I have a large fenced in yard. Your pets will get plenty of positive attention.  I have three of my own dogs and they are very sweet, and enjoy the company.

All the products I use are natural, chemical free, detergent free shampoos.  The flea shampoo is non-pesticide and environmentally safe.  I also offer a tea tree and aloe shampoo for dogs with extremely sensitive skin. 

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email me to learn more about my services. Thank you for visiting and god bless.